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MyWegmansConnect Employee Login

MyWegmansConnect Employee Login and Registration: MyWegmansConnect is a dedicated portal for Employees of Wegmans Company. Employees who work at Wegmans Stores, are eligible to Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal at But the Employees cannot login directly on MyWegmansConnect Portal. First, they need to Register themselves and then provide their User ID & Password every time they log on to MyWegmansConnect Portal.

MyWegmansConnect is official Wegmans Employee Login Portal
MyWegmansConnect – Wegmans Employee Login Portal


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MyWegmansConnect Employee Login and Registration

Wegmans Food Markets Incorporation is a Private American Company providing Food Products. There are hundreds of Supermarkets situated in various regions of the United States. Wegmans Food Markets Inc. has its headquarters at Rochester, New York, United States. Employees who work with Wegmans, are provided by Health Insurance and many other benefits by the Company. In order to know all available benefits, you should Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal at

What is MyWegmansConnect?

What is MyWegmansConnect?
What is MyWegmansConnect?

MyWegmansConnect is the Employee Login Portal developed by Wegmans Food Markets Incorporation. If you are working at a Wegmans Store or Supermarket, you can create an Account on MyWegmansConnect Login Portal. After Online Registration, you can check your Employment Details at any time by Login with your User ID and Password.

How to Register on MyWegmansConnect Portal

Every employee who is working with Wegmans Company should Register Online on MyWegmansConnect Employee Login Portal. Because Employee Registration is compulsory to Login and Access Online Facilities provided at The Registration Facility is available on MyWegmansConnect Portal for two types of Employee Accounts i.e. Work or School Account and Personal Account.

MyWegmansConnect Step by Step Employee Registration Process
MyWegmansConnect Employee Registration Process

Required Information for Registration on MyWegmansConnect Portal

When you want to Register yourself on Login Portal, you must have the following information and equipment with yourself:

  • A Computer/Laptop/Smartphone or any Device
  • Internet or WiFi Connection
  • Employee’s Personal Details

In case you don’t have all the above information ready, please collect them first and then proceed to the Employee Registration Process on login page.

In addition to the above information, you should also know what type of Account you should Create on MyWegmansConnect Portal, i.e. Work/School Account or Personal Account. Kindly remember that the Work or School Account is created by your IT Department and the Personal Account is created by you.

Steps for Registration on MyWegmansConnect Portal

In case you have a Work Account or School Account, you should obtain your User ID and Password from your IT Department. There is no need for Registration for Work/School Account. But if you are willing to Sign Up for Personal Account, you should go to MyWegmansConnect Portal at Follow the steps given below to Register yourself as an Employee on MyWegmansConnect Portal.

Create MyWegmansConnect Employee Portal Account
Create MyWegmansConnect Employee Portal Account

01. Initiate Registration Process

First of all, Open a Web Browser on your Computer/Laptop or Smartphone and check that the Internet is working properly. Then go to MyWegmansConnect Portal at Select the option, Can’t Access My Account to open Next Page. Now select your Type of Account i.e. Work or School Account/ Personal Account.

02. Main Registration Form Filling Up

After selecting your Employee Account type on MyWegmansConnect Portal, you need to provide your User ID or Employee ID as asked. In case you don’t know your User/Employee ID, obtain the same from your HR or IT Department. Provide Your Name, SSN, Email ID, Date of Birth, Date of Joining and other details as asked in MyWegmansConnect Registration Form.

03. Complete Final Steps of Registration

After you provide all the personal details in Registration Form, you are required to create your User ID and Password. Your User ID should be either your Email ID or Phone Number or Skype ID, while your Password must be in between 8 to 20 characters with a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers & symbols. Create a password which you can easily remember.

Ready to create your MyWegmansConnect Employee Account? If yes then…

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How to Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal

You can Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal only after completion of Registration Process. When you Login for the first time, you need to enter your User ID and Password as you created during registration. In case you see Incorrect User ID or Password problem, enter the correct details and click on Sign In button again.

  Login Here

Once you are logged into your MyWegmansConnect Account, you will be asked to change your Password. Follow the instructions and Change the Password for Security Purpose. Thereafter, you have to Login again on MyWegmansConnect Portal with your User ID and New Password.

Required Details for MyWegmansConnect Login:

You must have the following details and equipment to Login/Sign in to MyWegmansConnect Portal:

  • Your User ID (as you created or provided by your ID Department)
  • Your Password
  • A Computer/Laptop of Smartphone
  • Internet or WiFi Connection

Here we provide some Simple Steps to Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal as follows:

Steps for Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal

  1. Log on to MyWegmansConnect Portal at
  2. As you enter above Website Address in your Web Browser, you will see Microsoft Sign In Section on your screen.
  3. Now enter your User ID i.e. your Email ID or Phone Number or Skype ID.
  4. Click on Next button to go to Next Page.
  5. Enter your Password and click on Sign In button to proceed.
  6. After your Login is successful, Change your Password and Create a Strong New Password.
  7. Login again with your User ID and New Password to access your Account.
  8. You have successfully logged in to MyWegmansConnect Portal.

Login Error:

At the time of Login, you have to provide your Correct User ID and Password, otherwise, you will face User Login Error. You should attempt again & again to Sign In with Wrong Credentials. Your Account on MyWegmansConnect may be locked if you enter Incorrect User ID and/or Password more than three times.

How to Reset Forgot Password on MyWegmansConnect Portal

Your Password for Login on MyWegmansConnect is difficult to remember because it contains a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. In addition, your Password has some numbers and some symbols. You cannot write your Password anywhere as it can be misused by someone. But when you forget your password, you cannot Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal.

If you have forgotten your Login Password, we will help you to Reset it. MyWegmansConnect Portal provides an option to Reset Forgot Password for Employees. You can easily Reset your Password yourself without anyone’s help. Just go through the Step by Step Procedure is given below to Reset MyWegmansConnect Forgot Password:

  1. Log on to MyWegmansConnect Portal at
  2. Select the link given as “Can’t Access Your Account?”
  3. Now choose your Account Type i.e. Work or School Account OR Personal Account.
  4. Then click on the option I forgot My Password.
  5. Enter your User ID (Email/Phone/Skype) and Captcha Code as displayed on the screen.
  6. Answer a few Security Questions and provide other details.
  7. If you give Correct Answer for all Questions, you will see New Password Creating Screen.
  8. Enter the New Password two times and submit it.
  9. Your MyWegmansConnect password has been reset successfully.

How to Change MyWegmansConnect Password

MyWegmansConnect Login is processed with two details i.e. your User ID and Password. You must keep your Password confidential from everyone. In addition, you should Change your Password time to time to keep your account safe. In order to Change MyWegmansConnect Password, just go through the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Log on to MyWegmansConnect Portal at
  2. Enter your User ID i.e. your Email or Phone Number or Skype ID and click on Next button.
  3. Enter your Current Password and submit it to Sign In.
  4. Now go to your Account/Profile Setting.
  5. Select the option Change Password to proceed.
  6. Enter your Current Password one time and then New Password two times.
  7. Create a Strong New Password for MyWegmansConnect Login.
  8. Submit the New Password to complete the process.
  9. Your MyWegmansConnect Password has been Changed Successfully.

Do you know you can view your work schedule on MyWegmansConnect? Here is 5 step guide for How to View Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect?.

Facilities Available on MyWegmansConnect Portal

As an Employee of Wegmans Food Markets, you should Register yourself on MyWegmansConnect Portal. Because the Company provides various online facilities to its Employees through this portal. In order to use such facilities and services, you just need to Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal at Here we will discuss each and every facility one by one as follows:

24 Hours Access to MyWegmansConnect Account

With the help of MyWegmansConnect Portal, you can access your Employee Account at any time from anywhere. There are no restrictions on Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal. All you need is One Computer or Device, Free Internet/WiFi and your Login details, that’s all. You can check your Salary details, Work Schedule & Shift details, Employee Benefits and much more at your fingertips.

Know Your Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. offers Flexible Working Hours to its Employees. So you can Check your Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect. In addition, you can take leave based on your Working Hours record. You can manage to fix the Work Schedule of upcoming days as per your requirement. And as you know the Next Week Work Schedule, you can manage your personal work more conveniently.

Your Payment Details on MyWegmansConnect

As we know Wegmans Food Markets Inc. is a huge company in the United States. So the Company does not provide a physical paper statement for Salary to save the environment. But you can view your Pay Stub or Pay Statement on MyWegmansConnect Portal. Just Login to your account at to get details of your Paycheck and payment information. You can also make a strategy to increase working hours and improve work quality to get higher Salary in upcoming months.

Choose Payment Option on MyWegmansConnect

Every month you receive your Salary from Wegmans Company. The Salary is given based on your Working Hours in a month. Generally, the Salary is credited to your Bank Account as Direct Deposit. But you can change the Method of Receiving Salary by Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal. When you Change the Payment Option, make sure you are able and eligible to Receive your Salary by the New Mode.

View and Check Employee Benefits on MyWegmansConnect

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. provide many benefits to its Employees. But some Employees are not aware of their benefits. But you can get complete information about Wegmans Employee Benefits on MyWegmansConnect Portal. Wegmans provide Health Insurance, Life Coverage, Scholarships, Incentive Programs, 401K Plan and much more. Kindly Login to your Account on MyWegmansConnect to know about Wegmans Employee Benefits and its importance in your life.

Share Data/Information with Company and Other Employees

On MyWegmansConnect Portal, you can Share the Work Data with Wegmans Company. In case you have a query or want to share something with Other Employees, you can do it easily on MyWegmansConnect. Just Login and select the appropriate option to Share your desired information with the Company/Employee as and when you want. Sharing Data on MyWegmansConnect Portal is highly secure and completely safe.

Benefits to Wegmans Employees

Wegmans Company provides lots of benefits to its Employees who work at Wegmans Food Market Stores across the whole United States. Let us see each benefit of Wegmans Employee in detail:

Wegmans Employees Benefits
Wegmans Employees Benefits

Various Discounts:

Wegmans Employees get exciting Discounts at Entertainment Parks, on Movie Tickets, and in Mobile Phone & Computer Repair Services.

401K Plan:

Under the 401K Plan, Wegmans Company cuts a part of Employee’s Salary to Create a Saving in the long term. When the Employee decides to Retire from Wegmans Company, the Collected Fund will be paid to Employee along with applicable interest and other benefits.

Health Plans:

Wegmans Company offers you two best health plans as follows:

    1. Traditional PPO plan with low deductibles and
    2. HSP Plan with a lower weekly cost

You can choose any One Plan from the above two options.

Life Coverage Plan:

Life Coverage Plan is also known as Life Insurance. Under this plan, if the employee dies or becomes permanently disabled, the Employee or his/her Nominee (Family Member) will get Full Amount of Insurance Claim as per rules.

Financial Help Programs:

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. organizes Employee Assistance Programs to help them in Financial Planning. In these programs, Employees get proper information and knowledge about Child Care, Elder Care, Legal Consultations and Financial Planning.

Dental Insurance:

Wegmans Company also provides Dental Insurance to its Employees. Under Dental Coverage, you will get Dental Treatments of Cleanings, Fillings, Crowns, and Braces in Teeth. Dental Insurance is provided to Permanent Employees only.

Reimbursement of Medical Expense:

Employees get Reimbursement of Medical Expenses from Wegmans Company. As you get older, you need to take Health Treatment frequently, but you don’t need to worry. Wegmans Company will bear 85 percent of your Medical Expenses by Reimbursement option. So you will not feel the burden of Medical Expenses anymore.

Personal Time Off:

You can get Personal Time Off in case you are Ill (Sick). Wegmans Company allows its Employees to get Personal Time Off when they actually need bed rest.

Wegmans Retirement Plan:

Wegmans Company provides Suitable Retirement Plans to the Employees. You need to select the Retirement Plan as per your choice and requirement.

Adoption Assistance Plan:

Many people think about Adopting a Child and give that Child a Happy Life. But they don’t adopt one because of the future expenses which will occur in Child’s Studies and Career. Wegmans Company provides Adoption Assistance Plan to its employees so that they can Adopt a Child without any fear and financial tension.

Paid Vacation:

Wegmans Company offers its Employee “Paid Vacation” in certain situation. Generally, Wegmans Employees get Six Paid Holidays in a year. In addition, you will also get a Paid Vacation from the company. You may contact the HR Department to know more about Paid Vacation Benefit.

Scholarship Competition:

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. provides Scholarship to the Employees for further studies. The Scholarship is given on the basis of completing necessary Working Hours and other eligibility criteria. Wegmans Company started to give Scholarship in the year 1984. At present, you can get Scholarship up to $2200 per year.

Cosmetic Coverage:

Cosmetic Coverage is an insurance that covers your Cosmetic Surgery. Wegmans Company will provide partial or full insurance cover in your Cosmetic Surgery/Operation as per rules.

Want to join Wegmans Team? If yes, then check Wegmans Career Section for more information.

Wegmans Contact Information

Wegmans Food Markets Incorporation has provided its Contact Information on its website as follows:


Wegmans Food Markets
1500 Brooks Avenue
P.O. Box 30844
Rochester, NY 14603-0844

Contact Number:

1-800-WEGMANS, ext. 8500-4760

Wegmans Contact Timings:

Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET

The Wegmans Contact Number is given above as 1-800-WEGMANS means 1-800-9346267.

Wegmans Food Markets Incorporation was founded in 1916 by Johm Wegman and Walter Wegman. At that time, the name of the organization was Rochester Fruit and Vegetable Company. Wegmans Company started its business with a small staff and one-foot store at Rochester, New York. But today, Wegmans owns more than 95 Supermarket Stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Wegmans Food Markets Incorporation
Wegmans Food Markets Incorporation

Wegmans Stores are also available in the regions of Mid-Atlantic and New England. Wegmans Company has around 46 Stores only in the New York State. In 2008, Wegmans Food Markets Inc. decided to Stop Selling Tobacco Products, because such products have extremely harmful to people’s health and the environment. Now the Wegmans offers its Employees Smoking Cessation Programs which is appreciated by the American Lung Association.

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All the information mentioned above about MyWegmansConnect is true and authentic as per the best of our knowledge. In case you have a doubt or query on any matter regarding Wegmans Food Markets Inc., Registration & Login to MyWegmansConnect Portal, Employee Benefits and Discount Offers, etc., kindly contact Wegmans Employee Helpline or visit MyWegmansConnect Portal at

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