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How to View & Schedule Work on MyWegmansConnect?

View Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect Employee Portal: Wegmans Food Markets Incorporation has various Supermarket Stores in the United States. Lots of Employees are working at Wegmans Stores in different parts of the US. All these Employees can Sign In to their Account to View their Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect Login Portal at

Wegmans Company has created a dedicated Login Portal for its Employees. So the people who work as a Staff Member in Wegmans, are eligible to access MyWegmansConnect Employee Login Portal. All the Facilities, Work Schedule, and Employee Benefits are available on this portal, the Employees can View all the information at any time by Login to MyWegmansConnect Website. - mywegmansconnect employee login – mywegmansconnect employee login

How to Schedule Work on My Wegmans Connect

MyWegmansConnect Login portal comes with a set of features. Work Schedule Management is one of them. With this portal, you’ll be able to schedule your work easily with just a few clicks.

NOTE: You can not schedule your own work, it is scheduled by your senior officer or HR Person. But you’ll be able to schedule work of your Junior Team Workers, who are working under your leadership.

To schedule work in MYWEGMANSCONNECT.COM you need to follow a few easy steps, which are given below:

  1. Open Wegmans Connect Portal
  2. Login in to your Employee Account
  3. Click on Work Schedule under Work Management Menu
  4. Now you’ll be redirected to work scheduler
  5. Select the person whom you want to assign the work
  6. Edit work title, and details with a deadline date
  7. Hit on SUBMIT WORK

Get Me to the Employee Portal

Great you have successfully scheduled and assigned work to your Junior Team Person. Now they can view the work which you have assigned to them under the View Work Schedule section. Also, you’ll receive an update mail, whenever the person will complete the work and change the work status to COMPLETED.

Now many of you are thinking that how can we check our scheduled work? It’s very easy just check the below section!

How to View Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect Portal

Wegmans Company has a Grocery Stores Chain in whole the United States with around 95 stores. More than 60,000 Employees are working with different Work Schedules in Wegmans Food Markets Stores. Wegmans Company hires deserving people as Employees in many departments of Wegmans Supermarket.

Employees can join Wegmans Company on the basis of their knowledge and experience. Wegmans Food Markets Inc. appoints New Employees time to time as per the company’s requirement. Employees are hired on part-time as well as a full-time basis. Employees can work at Wegmans Stores with Flexible Working Hours.

Where to View Wegmans Work Schedule

Wegmans Employee Work Schedule is provided only on MyWegmansConnect Portal at So the Employees have to Login to MyWegmansConnect to View their Work Schedule. But you cannot Sign In directly, first, you have to Register yourself on MyWegmansConnect Portal. Thereafter, you will be able to Login to

At the time of Logging in to MyWegmansConnect Login Portal, you must have some important details with yourself.

  • Your User ID or User Name
  • Your Password
  • A Computer/Laptop or Smartphone/Tablet
  • Internet or WiFi Connection

Your User ID/Name and Password are the same as created by you or your IT Department at the time of Registration on MyWegmansConnect Portal.

How to View Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect Portal?

  1. Log on to MyWegmansConnect Portal at
  2. Enter your User Name/ID i.e. your Email or Phone or Skype ID.
  3. Click on Next button and choose your Account type i.e. School/Work Account or Personal Account.
  4. Enter your password to Sign In to your Account.
  5. Find out Time Table/Routine or Work Schedule section and select it.
  6. Check your Work Schedule for Upcoming Week on MyWegmansConnect.
  7. Note down your Work Schedule and Working Hours details for reference.

Importance of Viewing Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. provide each Employee’s Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect Portal. Employees should Login to MyWegmansConnect and View their Work Schedule. Because Wegmans Company gives Flexible Working Hours Facility to its Employees. So they can plan their personal tasks on the basis of their Work Schedule.

Availability of Wegmans Employee Work Schedule

Wegmans Company prepares Employees’ Work Schedule on Weekly Basis and published the same on MyWegmansConnect Login Portal. Employees can View their Work Schedule of whole Week on the first day of the week. The purpose of releasing Work Schedule in advance is to help the Employees for better time management in routine life.

Part-Time and Full-Time Work Schedule

Life at Wegmans - Wegmans Employees Benefits and Discounts
Life at Wegmans – Wegmans Employees Benefits and Discounts

Wegmans Food Markets Inc. offers Part-Time and Full-Time Jobs as per Employees’ convenience. For Example, if you are a student, you can join Wegmans Store as a Part-Time Employee. So you can go to College in the morning and work at Wegmans Store in the afternoon time. Full-Time Jobs are also available at Wegmans with many Employee Benefits. For more information check Wegmans Job at here.

If you have any doubts regarding MyWegmansConnect then feel free to share it via below Comment Box or check FAQ about MyWegmansConnect Login.


All the information mentioned above about Wegmans Employee Work Schedule is true as per the best of our knowledge. In case you have a query about How to View Work Schedule on MyWegmansConnect Employee Portal or any other issue, kindly contact your HR/ IT Department or visit MyWegmansConnect Portal at

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